Family Parties in Tuomarniemi

Salmon flaming in the open fire

Fish dinner in Tuomarniemi

Salmon flaming in the open fire. The fish meal of flamed salmon is made together and is enjoyed with seasonal appetizers by a campfire during the evening darkening. Sausage making with the same fire, if somebody can’t eat fish.

Robbers roast in the evening

Robbers roast in Tuomarniemi

In the evening program we dig the roast from the pit and enjoy roast-dinner at the campfire. As your choice, lamb, wild or traditional pig with seasonal side dishes. The preparation of the roast has begun on the previous day, and the evening culminates in enjoying of the roast with seasonal appetizers.

Cooking delicacies in open fire course

Cooking delicacies in open fire course

Duration 3-4 h.

The course examines how to prepare food in an open fire. In cooking, we use game from the forest, fish from the lake and other natural ingredients. You may also want to try fishing your table antimony directly from Viinijärvi. At the end of the course, we enjoy deliciously prepared delicacies.

Boot throwing championships

Boot throwing championships

Duration 1-2 h.

Throwing boots may sound like a crazed species, but it’s not just power, it’s technology. The old boots of the magistrate Alfred Tuomarniemi will be thrown under the rules of Alfred. Of course you can also bring your own boots. The competition is playful, but you may want to bring top prizes to the competition!